Centre of English Studies Brochure

One-off brochures that are designed to highlight specific areas of your school can be part of your prospectus offering, created for a particular market, i.e. China international parents, or for a school event. Through using Real Education Media to design and create your brochure, we can make the most of your marketing budget with innovative online essay versions and well-costed printed copies.

  • Quick and easy updates to the content with the online version.
  • Blended branding throughout the brochures to reinforce your values and ethos.
  • Expand on sections in your online brochure to give more examples and photos to support your writing.
  • Use video, like pop-vox messages to show your pupils talking about their own experiences.
  • Use Live Chat and Instant Email to ensure that your prospective parents and pupils can get in touch with school directly.


Image Galleries

Your photos can work as a slideshow, background or gallery for the visitor to browse – helping to get across all the intangible aspects of your school through beautiful imagery.


Animations of illustrations and artwork add personality to the page and help reinforce key points through original interactivity.

Interactive Menu

An interactive menu sits on each page to allow easy navigation between the pages.

Expand & Share

Expand content within your publication using interactions or include hyperlinks to your website. Contact and share links to allow parents to easily get in touch or share your prospectus.