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Getting your school news out to parents, pupils and prospective parents and pupils is key to broadcasting your school’s strengths and distinct qualities through what has been going on in the last week or term. Through an online newsletter, it is easier and quicker to publish what you do racial discrimination, and get it out to your parents in good time.

  • Get news to parents through the devices they use – mobiles, tablets, iPads – making it much easier for them to access the news wherever they are.
  • Back it up with a printed version that can be sent home with pupils, by post or be used at school events.
  • No longer do you need to limit the number of photos in a newsletter as the online version can hold a gallery for parents and pupils to browse and share.
  • Something catches their eye in the newsletter and they want to contact the school immediately? Contact us and Chat Now icons mean they can phone or email from the page.
  • Translate into another language so the news can be shared with international parents and agents.
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Image Galleries

Your photos can work as a slideshow, background or gallery for the visitor to browse – helping to get across all the intangible aspects of your school through beautiful imagery.


Animations of illustrations and artwork add personality to the page and help reinforce key points through original interactivity.

Interactive Menu

An interactive menu sits on each page to allow easy navigation between the pages.

Expand & Share

Expand content within your publication using interactions or include hyperlinks to your website. Contact and share links to allow parents to easily get in touch or share your prospectus.