Hatherop Castle

The most expensive item in your suite of school marketing materials, your prospectus needs to reflect the unique and intangible aspects of your school, to ensure it stands out from your competitors. With your insight, Real Education Media work with you to design a prospectus that does just that, and in addition can then be delivered as a printed copy or an interactive version online.

  • As experts in print, Real Education Media bring years of experience in helping you decide on what is the best option for you that will make the most of your printed prospectus, but also keep down the cost.
  • An interactive version of the prospectus sits on your website as a standalone item that can be:
    1.  Sent as a link to new parents and international agents
    2.  Worked into a banner for your email signature
    3.  Easily (and cheaply) translated into different languages
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Image Galleries

Your photos can work as a slideshow, background or gallery for the visitor to browse – helping to get across all the intangible aspects of your school through beautiful imagery.


Animations of illustrations and artwork add personality to the page and help reinforce key points through original interactivity.

Interactive Menu

An interactive menu sits on each page to allow easy navigation between the pages.

Expand & Share

Expand content within your publication using interactions or include hyperlinks to your website. Contact and share links to allow parents to easily get in touch or share your prospectus.